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Soil Health Innovations was founded in early 2018 by 3 friends and co-workers who share a common goal: to provide others the means for quick, simple and reliable ways to help measure soil health in a laboratory environment.

Lance Gunderson, President of Soil Health Innovations and current President and Co-owner of Regen Ag Lab, LLC. (Pleasanton, NE), has been working with soil health testing in a commercial setting for nearly 10 years.  

Throughout this time, he has implemented numerous testing methods including the Haney Test or Soil Health Nutrient Tool (developed by Dr. Rick Haney, USDA-ARS, Temple, TX) and the phospholipid fatty acid analysis (PLFA) test. Lance has gained valuable experience in how to transition these and similar analyses into a commercial laboratory setting.

 With this in mind, Soil Health Innovations is now offering new technology for accurately measuring CO2 soil respiration, which serves as a cornerstone to the Haney Test, and is considered a meaningful indicator of overall soil health.


What we offer

SR-1 CO2 Analyzer

The SR-1 CO2 Analyzer is a compact, easy to use, accurate, low-cost option for measuring carbon dioxide (CO2) produced as a result of microbial respiration. The SR-1 CO2 Analyzer replaces many of the other commercially available options at a fraction of the cost, which may increase laboratory throughput.

Services and Support

Soil Health Innovations offers a number of services in addition to the SR-1 CO2 Analyzer.  Our extensive experience in working with the Haney Test and similar applications has provided us with the knowledge and skill set required to better utilize these methods.

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