About the company

Soil Health is a very popular topic throughout agriculture and beyond.  Consumers are becoming more conscientious regarding where their food is coming from and how it is produced.  Furthermore, producers are being pressured by ever tightening markets and government regulation surrounding environmental issues.  All of this supports the drive to promote soil health and the varying components needed to define and measure what constitutes a healthy soil system. Agricultural and environmental laboratories are seeing a growing demand to help answer these questions for both consumers and producers. From this demand, more and more laboratories are striving to implement testing procedures aimed to help fill this void.  

Soil Health Innovations was founded in early 2018 by 3 friends and co-workers who shared a common goal: to provide others the means for quick, simple and reliable ways to help measure soil health in a laboratory environment.  We are located in the heart of ag country in Pleasanton, NE with a rooted connection to the producers we aim to help through accurate soil analysis.

Our Mission

To provide other Agriculture and Environmentally based laboratories the means to either start in soil health testing or make additions/changes to their current soil health testing services.  

Our current focus lies with the SR-1 CO2 Analyzer as an alternative to current methods for measuring CO2 soil respiration in the lab.  Soil Health Innovations also offers consultation regarding soil testing methods, such as the Haney Test, with focus on how to help other labs successfully implement and carry out soil health testing services.

The Team

Lance Gunderson



Lance, President of Soil Health Innovations and President and Co-owner of Regen Ag Lab, LLC (Pleasanton, NE), has been working with soil health testing in a commercial setting for nearly 10 years.  Throughout this time, he has implemented numerous methods including the Haney Test or Soil Health Nutrient Tool (Dr. Rick Haney, USDA-ARS, Temple, TX) and phospholipid fatty acid analysis (PLFA) and gained valuable experience in how to transition these and similar analyses into a commercial laboratory setting.

Brandon Gunderson

it systems and accounting


Brandon was previously employed at Lincoln Public Schools as a Windows Systems Analyst and IT Support Technician for 10 years. He is currently a Systems Engineer for the University of Nebraska where he specializes in server hardware, VMware, and SAN technologies. He has extensive experience in database management and integrated computer systems.

J.R. Simon

Product Specialist


JR has gained experience working in a commercial laboratory for the past 23 years where he was employed as a lab technician and worked his way to laboratory supervisor in a large scale food safety testing facility. JR is currently the Soil Health Laboratory Manager at Regen Ag Lab. JR has extensive training and experience with various laboratory equipment platforms, including the SR-1 CO2 Analyzer.